Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Elite Swimmers

  • October 20, 2019
shoulder injury

Prevention of Shoulder Injuries

1/3rd of the total injuries sustained by swimmers are usually located around the shoulders. A majority of swimmers are prone to experiencing shoulder pain on a regular basis. If you are also a swimmer or about to opt for the sport, then you should be well versed in the topic of “Swimmer’s shoulder.”

The root of shoulder injury

Prevention is better than cure, and the statement rules out to be true in the case of shoulders injuries. Excessive pain experienced by swimmers is mainly caused by internal and external factors. Swimmers who lack guidance, overuse their tendons, and lose control of their movements are bound to face some sort of shoulder injury within or post their swimming career. Normally, the pain is caused by a muscular imbalance between stabilizing muscles (rotator cuff) and dominant muscles (internal rotators and adductors). With time the posterior capsule of the shoulder tightens that leads to a collision between the humeral head and soft tissue structures.

What to do to remain injury-free?

People who are experiencing even the slightest discomfort should talk to their coaches or visit a doctor that can provide professional help by using Ultralign’s advanced detection and treatment mechanisms. The machine can gently identify pain and help your doctor or physiotherapist get rid of the pain. You can schedule regular appointments with a physiotherapist even in the absence of pain to ensure that your shoulders remain in their prime.

If you have sustained an injury, then training at the same level as before is not a smart idea. Gather information and get in touch with a professional who can change your body mechanics towards an injury-free route.

Even though most shoulder injuries are treatable, one cannot immediately swim again as the chances of reoccurrence of injury and pain are very high. Make sure that you always choose a rehabilitation program using Ultralign to stabilize the joints.  Work with highly qualified professionals who can not only improve your overall performance but also add more years in your career.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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