Matrix Rhythm Therapy- Best Way to Treat Frozen Shoulder

  • May 22, 2021
Matrix rhythm therapy for frozen shoulder


Matrix Rhythm Therapy- Best Way to Treat Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is a common ailment that limits the movement of one shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis, it is not a severe disease but limits a person’s ability to do many daily tasks- like lifting weights. As a result of this, a person may go through phases of acute pain or disability in performing common everyday functions.

A frozen shoulder doesn’t necessarily occur because of injury. It could begin with some pain in the shoulder caused by movement which slowly converts into aches event at rest. The shoulder then starts stiffening because of which motion problems start occurring, eventually limiting movement significantly. About 25% patients of frozen shoulder may experience the problem on both sides.

However, if the patient gets treatment on time, the problem can be solved without leaving any drastic changes to a user’s lifestyle.

The problem can be treated with the help of numerous nonsurgical therapies. One such therapy is called Matrix Rhythm.

What is Matrix Rhythm therapy?

Matrix Rhythm therapy or MRT is used to treat pain and restricted mobility of the joints. Studies have shown that it can increase the mobility of the shoulder and help a patient achieve better rotation of the shoulder joint.

If the shoulder pain is just started then the MRT is known to reduce pain by 30-40 % in the very first session. In the next few sessions, the pain is often significantly reduced and the patients feel better.

Use of Matrix Rhythm therapy for 12 to 18 sessions before asking the users to continue it with the help of self exercises.

They may also use IRR red light to support the therapy. He may use base wraps to get the acid out of the shoulder via the skin.

Surgery is often required only in cases when the pain is extreme and nonsurgical methods do not lead to improvement. In this case, the doctor may opt for arthroscopic shoulder surgery which removes adhesion of the capsule via direct cuts.

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