Everything You Must Know About Chiropractic Manipulation

Everything You Must Know About Manual Manipulation

Manual manipulation is one of the effective ways to correct the body’s alignment, improve body function, and reduce pain. It is a natural and medicine-free process performed by trained and certified physiotherapists, where healing and restoring the spine function and nervous system is directed. In manual manipulation, the alignment of displaced spinal bones or vertebrae […]
Chiropractic treatment in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

All you should know about the Manual Manipulation

Manual Technique in Healthcare Manual Manipulation is a form of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapy that can be used for spinal manipulations. A Physical Therapist is trained to detect bone alignment problems and muscular pain etc. using various advanced mythologies and help in alleviating pain using hand manipulations. The manual technique has proven useful in […]
Physiotherapy for Back pain and Neck pain

10 tips to take care of your Back and Neck pain

Back pain affects millions of adults in the INDIA every day. It keeps them from performing their best at work and home and interferes with their ability to live a life of their choice. Standing or sitting for too long often becomes a problem and lifting small weights may give rise to sharp pains that […]
Matrix rhythm therapy for frozen shoulder

Matrix Rhythm Therapy- Best Way to Treat Frozen Shoulder

  Matrix Rhythm Therapy- Best Way to Treat Frozen Shoulder Frozen Shoulder A frozen shoulder is a common ailment that limits the movement of one shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis, it is not a severe disease but limits a person’s ability to do many daily tasks- like lifting weights. As a result of this, […]
Chiropractic for Spine treatment

Maintain a Healthy Spine with – Ultralign G2

  Maintain a Healthy Spine with Computerized Physiotherapy Treatment- Ultralign G2 Spine problems affect the work and life of millions of people around the world. It disrupts their lifestyle and makes them depend on painkillers, which do not tackle the root cause of their problem. As a result, people become dependent on pain management rather […]
Physiotherapy for posture correction

Dynamic Posture Control and Balance

Overlooked by the majority of people, our posture plays an important part in preserving our internal organs and our structural framework. Through dynamic posture control, we make sure that you achieve, restore, and maintain a state of complete balance in any and all activities. In case of an improper postural balance, we are not able […]
shoulder injury

Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Elite Swimmers

Prevention of Shoulder Injuries 1/3rd of the total injuries sustained by swimmers are usually located around the shoulders. A majority of swimmers are prone to experiencing shoulder pain on a regular basis. If you are also a swimmer or about to opt for the sport, then you should be well versed in the topic of […]

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