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Dynamic Posture Control and Balance

Overlooked by the majority of people, our posture plays an important part in preserving our internal organs and our structural framework. Through dynamic posture control, we make sure that you achieve, restore, and maintain a state of complete balance in any and all activities. In case of an improper postural balance, we are not able […]
Low backpain- Ultralign Spinal Care Technology

Why Pain Occurs?? Pain Gait Mechanism

There are lots of methods and procedures used by physiotherapists and chiropractors to mitigate pain. Yet one of them can be termed as perfect or even distinctively foolproof way for pain reduction. In the list of many pain relief methods, the “pain gait mechanism” holds a special place due to its efficiency and post-procedure effectiveness […]
shoulder injury

Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Elite Swimmers

  1/3rd of the total injuries sustained by swimmers are usually located around the shoulders. A majority of swimmers are prone to experiencing shoulder pain on a regular basis. If you are also a swimmera or about to opt for the sport, then you should be well versed in the topic of “Swimmer’s shoulder.” The […]
Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder (All you need to know)

A Frozen shoulder is also termed as adhesive capsulitis. It is often confused with arthritis. In reality, the condition only affects 3 percent of the population, and women aged between 40 to 60 years are more likely to experience it.  Most people will either ignore the issue or try to treat it via hot or […]
healthy spine

How to Maintain the Healthy Spine?

Our wellbeing and longevity depend a lot upon the spinal cord. Not only does it act as a pathway for brain signals but also allows us to stand straight and maintain balance. In case of a damaged spine, the majority of body parts tend to malfunction sooner than later. The nerves passing through spinal cord […]

How to Look Slim Without Surgery

All of us dream to acquire that perfect physique for looking as handsome or beautiful as possible. However, sedentary lifestyle, screwed up diets and a general lack of awareness may cause many people to gain weight consistently and never lose it. Finding the right solution for losing weight can be difficult and keeping weight off […]

What No One Tells You About Sports Injuries!

Sports injuries can be really devastating if not treated professionally. Apart from competitive athletes, the casual sports players are also at risk of a life-threatening injury if they suffer on field. In order to understand the ins and outs of the issues, let’s know about the types of possible sports injuries. Types of sports injuries […]

How to Get Rid Of Poor Posture

Only a short percentage of people give importance to their posture. We do not realize how poor posture could affect our health until we suffer heavy muscle damage. In order to make a significant difference to your spinal health, include all the below-listed activities in your daily routine. Learn to stand correctly The most important […]

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