10 tips to take care of your Back and Neck pain

  • June 26, 2021
Physiotherapy for Back pain and Neck pain

Back pain affects millions of adults in the INDIA every day. It keeps them from performing their best at work and home and interferes with their ability to live a life of their choice. Standing or sitting for too long often becomes a problem and lifting small weights may give rise to sharp pains that don’t subside till hours. If you want to keep your spine healthy, take care of your back and neck Pain.

Here are 10 tips you can follow for Back and Neck pain.


Never forget to take a small walk. You should add walking in your daily routine as a low impact exercise that keeps your spine and neck healthy.


Stretching is another important practice that we must adopt to ensure that our spine is not crouched in uncomfortable positions each day for long hours.

Sleep well

We often give less attention to sleep and prefer to forego a full night’s rest for work or parties. It is better to take a full night of rest each day to keep yourself healthy.

Correct your posture

We spend most of our day sitting and working at our computers and create a habit to slouch on our chairs. Sitting in the correct posture could help us in getting rid of back pain.

Healthy weight

Packing on too much around, especially around your abdomen could create excessive pressure on your spine. Losing weight could help you feel better.

Stand better

Most people have a habit of leaning to one side when standing. It is better to stand straight and keep your feet a little apart to maintain the right posture.

Lift better

When lifting a weight, do not let your spine curve. Instead, keep your spine straight. This will help you lift things better without compromising your spine health.

Quit smoking

If you smoke regularly, you must give a thought to ditching this habit altogether. Smoking is known to contract the blood vessels going to the spine which may cause back pain.

Take the right pillow

Don’t take a pillow that is too small or too big and interferes with the natural curvature of your spine. The same applies to a mattress. If your mattress has body molds, better change it before it hurts your spine.

Exercise right

When exercising, focus on low intensity exercises with gentle movements instead of high intensity ones. This could keep your body healthier for longer and avoid aches, pain, and other issues.

Following the above mentioned 10 steps will keep your back and neck healthy and ensure that back pain remains at bay.

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