All you should know about the Manual Manipulation

  • August 4, 2021
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Manual Technique in Healthcare

Manual Manipulation is a form of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapy that can be used for spinal manipulations. A Physical Therapist is trained to detect bone alignment problems and muscular pain etc. using various advanced mythologies and help in alleviating pain using hand manipulations. The manual technique has proven useful in cases of mild to moderate spinal injuries, muscular pains and aches in the neck or the back.

Depending on the severity of a patient’s pain and other symptoms, a therapist applies either one or a combination of about 200 techniques to manipulate the spine and relieve pain and restricted mobility. It is specifically useful for people who are going through back pain and don’t want to opt for surgical options. Sportsmen recovering from injuries also prefer advanced physiotherapy methods.

Diversified technique

The Diversified technique is the most common manual technique in use. It uses hand manipulation and massages to relieve the spine and surrounding tissues from pain and stiffness. This technique could be customized according to the needs of the patient as it uses eclectic forms of spinal manipulation. This technique depends on low amplitude but high velocity thrusts to treat a patient. It is frequently used for adjusting spinal columns and joint problems.

A Physical Therapist can also use other techniques like Ultralign G2, Drop Table Technique, Activator method, Atlas Orthogonal Technique, etc. to treat the problems his patients are facing. However, in general, a therapist manipulates Spine and Joints to relieve pain and restricted mobility.

Apart from major degenerative spinal diseases and injuries, manual techniques can also be useful in acute back pain, cervical pain and other common musculoskeletal pains. It has also proved useful in other diseases and disorders like headaches, Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Going to a physical therapist is a simple, cost effective and safe way to get rid of pains from your spinal region. It is great for people who go through extensively stressful lifestyles or remain hunched on their computer screens for long hours.

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