3 Super Ways to Reduce Back Pain with Physiotherapy

  • May 16, 2015
reduce Back pain

Back pain is one of the major health issues that leave people sick and out of work for quite a number of days. This is not caused due to any major sickness but is rather a lifestyle disease caused due to a number of factors like bad posture, defective mattress, lifting heavy weight etc. Usually back pain is not a very serious matter and one gets relief in a day or two but in certain cases where precautions are not adhered to, back pain can even render you bedridden for many days with low to high intensity of discomfort.

In most cases you can consult an orthopaedic doctor that can prescribe you some pain killers and advise rest and you can thereafter resume your normal life. However when the case goes out of hand the best person to go to is a physiotherapist or physical therapist that will then conduct a complete check up to assess the damage and injury caused.

The physiotherapists offer a range of treatments that are proven to be effective in back pain. These treatments include manual treatment as well as acupuncture. There are many ways physiotherapists try to treat their patients. Hereunder are the three super ways to reduce back pain with physiotherapy.

3 Super ways to Reduce Back Pain with Physiotherapy

  1. Maintain a proper Posture

One of the key methods to reduce back pain with physiotherapy is to maintain a straight back at all possible times. Back pain in major cases is caused due to bad posture where people often sit, sleep and work in a bad posture. Usually most people do not give much importance to their posture and do their work in their comfort zone and that may not be the right way. A physiotherapist will guide you to the correct posture that will speed up the recovery and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

  1. Stretching and strengthening

Since back pain is caused due to bad posture, the spine gets injured. This injury can be repaired by proper guidance of a physiotherapist. After a thorough check up the physiotherapist will suggest the type of stretching exercises and spine strengthening exercises that are needed for relief in back pain. It is advisable for people not to exercise without consulting a physiotherapist because exercise can relieve back pain or can worsen back pain if not done properly.

  1. Accelerate healing stages

Physiotherapy includes locating the injury and accelerating healing stages like inflammatory cycle and applying passive modalities like ice, heat, traction, electrical stimulation if the back pain is severe. Physiotherapy also caters to restoring the muscular flexibility, joint mobility and spine motion of the body.

Physiotherapy includes introduction of specific stretching exercises to alleviate pain and stiffness in specific regions. It also promotes strengthening of the muscles involved so that normal activities can be resumed as early as possible.

Acceleration of healing stage also involves teaching of new postures that will enable a proper posture for the patient and relax the muscles that are injured. Health Focus experts have treated thousands of patients with latest technology. Call for free consultation.

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