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  • June 28, 2016
slimming machine

In today’s fast paced life, nobody has the time or inclination to prepare regular food for self and the family leaving it to the mercy of packed foods or fast foods available on-the-counter, resulting in an alarming increase of overweight and unhealthy people worldwide. It is anticipated that more than 30% of American population is overweight with an equally alarming population getting infected with lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cholesterol.

If you are fat and overweight, it is high time you take control as being overweight could lead to a host of medical problems like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and kidney problems.

If you are not all that inclined to work out on a treadmill, picking up weights or exercising and still want to reduce your weight, try the slimming machine.

What is a Slimming Machine?

Slimming machine is a machine that uses electrotherapy instead of invasive operation to reduce cellulite, improve muscle tone and reduce fat in the body to create a slimming effect for the user. These machines are usually used by high end spas where the patient is taken in a private room and asked to lie on the bed and then attached to the machine through pads and a wire.

Current is passed through the wire that goes through the pads to the client’s muscles which contract and release toxins thereby burning fat. This type of therapy is very common in Asia and South Africa and is getting popular in United States and Europe. A patient that chooses to use a slimming machine has to undergo a minimum of eight sessions of one hour each to obtain optimal results. Two to four sessions are held in a week which means the entire procedure takes a maximum of one month for best results.

Advantages of using a slimming machine:

  1. Non Invasive:

One of the greatest advantages of using a slimming machine is that there is no need of an invasive operation that could lead to after-care and precautions. Since the procedure is conducted by the use of electrotherapy, there is no need for incision on any part of the body.

  1. 2. No Side Effects:

Since the technology is scientifically proven and uses current to break the body fat without the use of any medicines, the use of this technology is absolutely free from side effects physically and psychologically.

  1. Quick Results:

A great attraction of using slimming machine is that it gives almost instant results. After completing just one session with the machine you can see visible results in your waist size.

  1. Cost Effective:

One of the biggest benefits of the machine is that it is cost effective. While use of other weight reduction methods is very expensive, use of slimming machine is very easy and inexpensive.

  1. Weight and Inch Loss Together:

If you decide to use a slimming machine, you are probably going to love it as you reap two benefits while paying for one as you not only lose weight but also get inch loss from parts of the body where there is excess fat.

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