Maintain a Healthy Spine with – Ultralign G2

  • May 7, 2021
Chiropractic for Spine treatment


Maintain a Healthy Spine with Computerized Physiotherapy Treatment- Ultralign G2

Spine problems affect the work and life of millions of people around the world. It disrupts their lifestyle and makes them depend on painkillers, which do not tackle the root cause of their problem. As a result, people become dependent on pain management rather than treatment of their Spinal issues.

However, if you visit a physical therapist, you may get the best computerized treatment method to get rid of your back pain to a significant degree. This is done via Ultralign G2, a unique and advanced technology that helps your physical therapist perform spinal Assessment and manipulations more accurately and relive you of your pain.

How does Ultralign G2 work?

Ultralign G2 is based on aerospace engineering technology that helps in locating even the minutest spinal abnormalities in a patient. Once your physical therapist successfully analyzes where the problem exists, he can perform spinal manipulation with computerized calculated force and frequency according to your problem to gently reset your Spinal joints. This helps in immediately relieving you of Spinal pain arising out of wrong posture and degenerative disc with ease. The adjustments are made comfortably, without need popping and twisting movements.

Ultralign G2 makes the process of analyzing spinal misalignments very easy and hastens your treatment and recovery process. With Ultralign G2, all your spinal manipulations become more precise, gentle and exact. The process becomes even safer for children and senior citizens and even surgical patients.

Does Ultralign G2 have any side effects?

Ultralign G2 provides a very gentle and pain free method of treatment. People who are afraid of physiotherapy treatment going wrong because of manual adjustments, will feel completely safe and secure with the advanced computerized solutions. The equipment can easily identify the unique and specific needs of your spine in terms of stiffness and mobility and provide you a gentle and precise treatment with quicker results.

The physical therapist can also make some manual adjustments to ensure that pressure is relieved from specific points, but even this will be pain free. The uninterrupted oscillating motion ensures that you remain comfortably positioned and leave the physical therapist’s office with a smile.


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