Ultralign: Back Pain Treatment in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

  • July 1, 2017
Ultralign Chiropractic

Back pain is one of the most rampant health issues across the world. Whether you are an athlete or a stay-at-home mom, a teenager or a senior citizen, back pain could make your daily life difficult. Running, walking, and even doing daily chores can become problematic for people suffering from back pain. What could be the possible reasons why this pain haunts a big chunk of our population?

Ultralign in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

Back pain is primarily causes by a bad posture. Excess weight can also contribute to back pain. Women may also experience back pain during pregnancy which continues post-childbirth as well. The pain can also be attributed to injuries of the spine. This usually happens when the vertebrae become rigid. As they lose their fluidity, they become more to injury and any physical activity like playing; bending etc. could contribute to the pain.

There are hundreds of products in the market to treat back pain. From hot and cold compresses to back supporters and from posture correction belts to muscle relaxants, you will get a plethora of options to reduce pain. You will never meet a person suffering from back pain travelling without painkillers. Even though the situation is grave, most people do not realize that back pain can be treated. They do not have to depend on medication and muscle relaxants forever.

You must have definitely heard about Ultralign . The rising number of back pain sufferers has led to a rise in the number of physiotherapy clinics. Professionals are trained to reduce back pain through spinal manipulations. This is a highly-specialized profession too. Once you visit a physical therapist, he will first check your spine for misalignments. He will also identify rigidity in your spine. He will them use spine manipulation techniques to reduce your pain.

For this, he uses the Ultralign G2. It is the most sophisticated medical product in the market that quickly identifies misalignments. Then the machine uses gentle but uninterrupted oscillation force to release pressure from the joints and make them fluid again. Such emancipation could be helpful in reducing inflammation. Hot and cold compresses reduce inflammation only temporarily. However, spinal manipulation by Ultralign G2 goes at the root of the problems so that pain recurrence can be avoided. Muscle spasms also get reduced with multiple therapy sessions.

Spinal manipulation may sound scary and painful to many people. However, it is neither. In fact, with the help of the Ultralign G2, it has become easier and gentler. The soft pressure by the machine can be controlled with ease. Your therapist can decide how much pressure is necessary for the alignment. As the machine finds problems more quickly than humans, it also helps to detect progress easily.

Gone are the days when back pain was a major issue in healthcare. With the help of specialized professionals and sophisticated technology, you can say goodbye to back pain forever. A few therapy sessions with a therapist and the Ultralign G2 are all that you will need. It provides you an opportunity to live a painkiller free life. Health Focus Physiotherapy has treated patients with Chronic back pain using Ultralign G2. You can schedule your Free consultation for assessment and posture analysis using latest technology.

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8 comments on “Ultralign: Back Pain Treatment in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

  1. Nideesh says:

    Sir, can ligamentum flavum hypertrophy completely get cured by chiropractic treatment

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  3. Sunil kumar says:

    C3c4 bulge
    L3 l4 l5 s1 bulge treatment is possible

  4. Mayur sharma says:

    I am suffering from neck and back pain under shoulder from many years. It became much painful now. Should it possible by chiropractic treatment ??
    If yes where it possible ?
    What is your charge ???
    Possibl in gandhi nagar ???


    I am suffering from joint pain in my body joints after Chicken Gunya and doing wrong exercise , faulty sitting posture, and have frozen shoulder, can it be treated at your place. What is the consultation fees / Treatment fees per session? Do you have a center in Ahmedabad?

  6. Kirankumar Vyas says:

    Sir I have knee problems, is it treated by you? And what’s charges? Where we can meet? I am from Ahmedabad.

  7. I am 75 of age. Staying in a village 25 kms away from Gandhinagar.
    I fall down on road three months ago. Since then it is paining in my lower back while standing and walking. I don’t take any pain killer but i use tens physiotherapy machine and ultrasonic machine for relief. I want to visit a chiropractor in Gandhinagar, for the advice and treatment.

  8. Ankit Bharata bhai Bhatt says:

    ગરદન થી હાથ તથા પીઠ પર 4 વષૅ થી અસહ્ય દુઃખાવો છે જે હ્દય સુધી રહે છે તો આ માટે મને કાયમી ઈલાજ બતાવશો

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