Secret to Get Rid of Your Back Pain – The Ultralign

  • July 11, 2017

Do you suffer from back pain and need Ultralign?

Back pain can be caused by improper posture or an injury in your spinal ligaments or spinal discs. While ligaments heal over time and posture correction helps in alleviating pain, if you suffer from a spinal disc injury, relief will seem far from achievable. The pain can be centered at one area, whether stinging or dull. Sometimes, the pain can radiate along the spine and neck and may create dizziness, inability to move and a tingling sensation below the waist. Unfortunately, most doctors either suggest painkillers, compression, or surgery. Any of the three methods is not the right solution to your problems. In fact, surgery is often treated as the last resort, when everything else fails and the situation becomes grave.

There is a solution – Advanced Technology!!

The good news is that there is a solution to your back-pain problem. This solution can be found at Health Focus Physiotherapy. These professionals are trained to understand the functioning of the spine and check the fluidity of your joints. They have been using this technique to manually identify misalignment problems or lack of fluidity in the joints for years now. However, with updates in technology, they are now using many advanced medical products to help their patients.

Ultralign Care in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

One such product is the Ultralign G2. This is one of the best kept secrets of the practitioner. This machine is one of the best computer-assisted technologies being used in physiotherapy centers. The machines can easily identify problem areas in the spine. They help in locating the region of misalignment after which the physical therapist can use either manual or mechanical stimulation to remove hypo-mobility in joints. The ultralign  helps you to relief from pain.

Going to a physical therapist will help you in correcting spinal misalignments. Additionally, a therapist will assist you in learning more about your spine and nervous system. During therapy sessions, therapists give ample time to patients; listening to their concerns and helping them get rid of their problems. If you have been suggested to opt for a surgery, it would be better to talk to a therapistr first. He will diagnose the problem with the help of sophisticated technologies of the Ultralign G2 machine. They will then proceed to help alleviate your back pain. Though multiple sessions are needed, your pain will slowly subside.

With the help of a therapist and Ultralign G2, you will be saved from going under the knife. Surgeries are never easy and may create complications too. Moreover, recovery times with surgeries are often long. Not to forget, surgeries are costly as well. Earlier, many insurance companies did not cover certain procedures. However, now, the times are changing. You can talk to your insurance provider to check if physiotherapy procedures are covered in your plan. This will not only save you from back pain and the problems of a surgery but would also save you from spending thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Now that you know the secret, start looking for a physiotherapy center around you and don’t forget to inquire if they use Ultralign G2. Health Focus Physiotherapy has been the first clinic in Gujarat, India to introduce Ultralign G2 and successfully treating patients with Chronic back pain. Call for scheduling your Free consultation.

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