Dr Rinkal Patel, Physiotherapist and Fitness trainer

Dr.Rinkal Patel

BPT, M.I.A.P, Certified Sigma Spine Specialist, Wellness Coach

Dr. Sunil Patel

BPT, M.I.A.P, D. Acc, Certified Sigma Spine Specialist, Spine & Joint Specialist

Dr. Astha Patel

BPT, M.I.A.P, Assistant Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructor

Dr. Hiral Goswami

BPT, GSCPT, Assistant Physiotherapist and Woman Health Specialist

Dr Khusboo Gosai, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy specialist

Dr. Khushi Gosai

BPT, Assistant Physiotherapist and Sports Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy team member

Dr. Mansi Patel

BPT, Assistant Physiotherapist and Sports Rehab Specialist

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