How to Deal with Post-Operative Stiffness of Joint?

  • November 10, 2019
physiotherapy for Knee Pain

Do you have Post-Operative Stiffness of Joint?

Post-treatment joint stiffness is a common phenomenon experienced by the majority of people, especially above 35 years of age. Your doctor will prescribe you painkillers, but their use and effectiveness are still debatable in the medical world.

In such a situation, physiotherapy comes as a more natural and long-lasting treatment option.
If you are suffering from joint stiffness after an injury or an operation, then taking guidance from a trained physiotherapist will not only save you time but also help you recover more smoothly.

Moreover, the procedure will also help you in adjusting to the real-world challenges that cannot be tackled through tablets.

Coming back on track

More than often, knee and elbow injury patients are the ones who experience stiffness in their joints the most. The condition worsens if they do not indulge in rehabilitation practices immediately after surgery.

Although the joints are bound to correct themselves with time, without proper care, the chances of recovery become low. A small mistake can lead to a misalignment, which in turn could demand another surgery.

On the other hand, muscles surrounding the joint also become weak with time and may not be able to support their natural movement. You have to undergo specific training methods that include stretching, massage, range of motion exercises, aerobic exercises, and strengthening exercises. Do not make the mistake of commencing any physical activity without consultations from your doctor.

Apart from these corrective practices, you must also visit a doctor who has access to new age technologies like Ultralign care. With the help of this non-intrusive machine, a professional is able to understand an issue better and minimize the pain with fewer efforts. The results are always quicker and more effective.

Remember, joint stiffness can be a serious issue, especially in the long run. You must take control of the situation by visiting a qualified professional who can ease your pain. Do your research before choosing a doctor/physiotherapist, or your measures will backfire.

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