Frozen shoulder (All you need to know)

  • October 6, 2019
Frozen Shoulder

All you need to know about Frozen Shoulder

A Frozen shoulder is also termed as adhesive capsulitis. It is often confused with arthritis. In reality, the condition only affects 3 percent of the population, and women aged between 40 to 60 years are more likely to experience it.  Most people will either ignore the issue or try to treat it via hot or cold packs at home, but this could end up worsening the shoulder’s status. Here is all you need to know about frozen shoulders.


As per the latest research, a frozen shoulder is caused by the development of scar tissue in the joint. The extra development leaves less room for shoulder’s joint capsule to move. The thicker capsule creates friction, and the movement becomes hard and painful.

However, the exact reason may change as per the individual’s physical and medical background. In the majority of cases, a recent injury or friction is the culprit. People suffering from diabetes tend to experience this situation more frequently.


A frozen shoulder is diagnosed by examining the symptoms plus a physical examination from a qualified doctor. In more serious cases, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or X-ray is required to determine the complexity of the problem.


While treating a frozen shoulder, a doctor aims at preserving the flexibility and mobility of the shoulder while easing the pain.  99 % of the patients will feel relief after the first treatment but the symptoms can take years to settle down and the recovery period can be tiring.

One can also go for new age technologies like Ultralign Care. The machine gently and quickly identifies problem areas and helps your doctors and physiotherapists provide you targeted care for faster relief.

Again, anybody with slightest of the symptoms must visit a doctor to understand the exercises and precautions to maintain a smooth working shoulder joint. Make sure that you do not overlook any change in your shoulder mobility as early treatment is always better.

Connect with a good doctor and consider their advice to live a normal and healthy life.

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