How to Maintain the Healthy Spine?

  • September 15, 2019
healthy spine

How to Maintain the Healthy Spine?

Our wellbeing and longevity depend a lot upon the spinal cord. Not only does it act as a pathway for brain signals but also allows us to stand straight and maintain balance. In case of a damaged spine, the majority of body parts tend to malfunction sooner than later. The nerves passing through spinal cord control movement, balance, and voluntary functions. Thus, it is essential to focus on healthy spine regardless of our age and profession.

Look out for a good posture

The most fundamental step towards a healthier spine comes from maintaining a good posture when you sit, walk, sleep, and even exercise. For instance, those who are working in a desk job must tighten their core, relax their shoulders, and straighten up their neck to maintain healthy spine.

People indulged in physical activities are at continuous risk of misalignment. They should take extra care in lifting heavy weights and sprinting.

On the other hand, sleeping is another area that has been overlooked for a while now. Make sure that you have the required support in the mid-waist area. In the absence of such support, our spine takes abuse for the whole night, and gradually it starts weakening.

Use proper shoes

The quality of our shoes directly affects the health of our lower back. Always go for the correct shoe size and dimensions with the right cushioning and support or else the impact on your back will diminish its potential to stay straight. In case you are confused about what to buy, meet a professional. It will save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Time and again, people suffer from lower back problems due to improper shoes. Although new-age technologies like Ultralign care do help in rehabilitating and recovering from injuries quickly, you should focus more on prevention than care.

Our spine is the basis of our physical and mental health. If you have never tried improving your spine’s health, then we recommend you to visit an able doctor without delay to maintain healthy spine.


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