What No One Tells You about Pain Management With Ultralign G2

  • August 11, 2018

Anyone who suffers from back pain and spinal injuries knows the importance of the Ultralign G2. This machine is used extensively by physiotherapists who perform spinal manipulations and help relieve pain, stiffness and even inflammation. This machine is a revolutionary product that has changed the old physiotherapy techniques forever. It takes the guesswork out of the physical therapy and makes it more reliable.

Here are a few things no one tells you about pain management with the Ultralign G2.

It helps physiotherapist judge your condition more accurately

With the help of a technology like the Ultralign G2, the physiotherapists can diagnose the right areas where problems exist with great precision. In the old times, the physiotherapist had to depend on their own hand manipulation techniques to find which vertebrae had a problem. Although they were quite accurate, the chances of 100% precision were slim.

With this technology, the physiotherapist can easily check joint motion, rigidity and fluidity of your spine. This is done through palpitations. With the help of this machine, the physiotherapist looks for subluxations in the spine, which is the improper functioning of any nerves in the vertebrae. The machine can check whether your spine has fluid or rigid joints and helps the physiotherapist in defining the best method of treatment.

It doesn’t eliminate manual procedures, it only enhances their effectiveness

Machines like the Ultralign G2, don’t completely do away with manual spinal manipulations. In fact, it helps physiotherapist in deciding which method of treatment will work the best for you. After that, he is free to use either machine or hand manipulation techniques to help you get better pain relief. The machine provides very gentle manipulation, just like human hands.

Subluxation can be reduced by applying gentle pressure on the area. The machine introduces a very gentle force into the vertebrae which could reduce subluxation in fewer sessions.

It can help you avoid surgery

Spinal surgeries are very complex and are often the last resort for people who want to get rid of pain. These surgeries do not guarantee successful results. In some cases, the problems may become even more complicated. With the help of a physiotherapist who use the Ultralign G2, it is possible to avoid surgery altogether. The precision subluxation finding technology quickly finds the problem areas which makes it easier to treat the problem from its root.

The gentle pressure applied by the machine helps in reducing pain and treating the stiffness in the joints. This is far better than going under the knife and the results can be seen from the very first session.

If the choice is between surgery and quick pain relief for a higher deductible, always choose the latter. Do you have any kind of back pain that is troubling your daily life? Make sure that you get rid of it with the Ultralign G2.

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