Getting Smart with Pain, Tingling and Numbness in the Arm

  • June 19, 2018
Tingling pain

Have you felt pain, tingling and numbness in your arm lately? Was it a one-off event that occurred because of standing or sleeping on one side for too long or is it regular?

If your pain has presided for over one month, you need to stop taking OTC painkillers and find the reason why this is happening. Such numbness and tingling could be a result of a major spinal issue. If not treated in time, you could risk an injury, hospitalization and a huge medical bill as well. If you continue to ignore the problem for longer, the doctors will have no choice but to bring you to the operation table.

Is this the future you choose for yourself? If not, get smart and learn the basics about this problem.

What causes numbing, tingling and pain in the arm?

If you are sleeping or sitting in the same position for too long, your arm my feel numb. This is because of reduced blood flow to the region. However, as long as you change positions, the blood flow should be back to normal and the numbness will be gone.

The condition gets serious when you continuously feel such numbness. The pain can radiate all the way to your fingers and make daily life miserable. In fact, you may also feel the same numbness or stiffness in your neck and the upper spine as well. If such is the case, it is highly likely that you have a spinal issue which can only be handled by an experienced physiotherapist.

However, numbness can be caused by several other problems like vitamin or mineral deficiency, reduction in blood vessel size, migraine, seizures etc. It will be vital to visit your medic in this case.

Visiting a physiotherapist

Whenever you face a problem related to the neck or the spine (which radiates to your limbs too), going to the physiotherapist should be your first step. Make sure that you look for a physiotherapist in your local area only. Call them before you visit and don’t forget to ask if they use sophisticated machines like the Sigma Ultralign G2.

But why should you focus on machines at all? Physiotherapists use manual techniques to find out the problems in your spine. Then they manipulate your vertebrae by applying gentle pressure on the spine and helping release tension. This loosens up stiff joints and helps relieve the numbness. Sometimes, a nerve is trapped in the vertebrae. This problem can also be solved easily.

Machines like the Ultralign 2 are super-efficient and work very precisely. They find problems like hypo or hyper mobility of the spine quickly and even suggest the most accurate methods for treatment. The pressure applied by the machines is also gentler and works even better than hand manipulation.

A smart person knows that it is always better to talk to a physiotherapist before going under the knife. If you don’t want to live a life popping one painkiller after the other, make sure that you find the right physiotherapist in your local area or visit Health Focus for a Free consultation.

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