How to Cure Slipped Disc without Surgery

  • January 29, 2018
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Back pain could be very annoying as cripples your daily activities. Slipped disc is the number one cause of back pain which makes most people experience acute difficulties in sitting or standing for long. Physical activities are also quite restricted because of this problem. Hence, it becomes essential to mitigate this issue as soon as possible.

What is a slipped disc?

A slipped disc is also known as herniated disc. It is a condition in which the soft inner sponge of the disc protrudes to the outer ring, pressurizing nerves in the process. Disc herniation can occur because of injury as well. It can cause dull or aching pain. Doctors usually recommend pain management medications along with hot and cold packs to manage herniation pains. If the pain starts to cause more pain and complications, the patients could be advised to opt for a surgery.

Is surgery effective for disc herniation?

Generally, doctors do not recommend a surgery unless it is an extreme case. Surgery could be used to remove a part of the protrusion or the entire disk. However, even this is not the most feasible option for most people. Surgery may often make you follow a stricter physical activity program and you have to be extra careful after the process. Not only this, spinal surgery is a complicated process in its own right. It is also very expensive. Hence, even your doctor will be very cautious before asking for a surgical procedure for the spine.

Can slipped disc be treated without surgery?

Once you visit your doctor for disc herniation, you will be prescribed medications, cold and hot compresses and a few physical exercises to remove pain and numbness. If the pain does not subside within a few weeks, you will be advised to visit a physiotherapist. Some doctors are more proactive in their approach, prescribing physiotherapy to the patient right away.

What do physiotherapists really do?

They will use massage and pressure to manually adjust your discs and remove herniation. They could also use advanced machines like Ultralign to find restrictions in the spinal column best alternative to avoid surgery and cure slip disc. They will quickly be able to understand the real reasons behind the spinal issues and use manual or machine manipulation techniques to ensure that you retain normal health. Physiotherapy done using Ultralign procedures are usually will need multiple sittings to keep the pain away. However, results will be visible from the very first day.

Your physiotherapist will use the Ultralign to constantly monitor your progress. He will also suggest some exercises at home which will help you keep your muscles fit. Note that herniation may result in numbness and weakness of the muscles. Therefore, exercise is vital.

Most people with disc herniation issues respond well to pain killers, muscle relaxant, and physiotherapy. Your symptoms will subside within 6 weeks. An occasional appointment with the physiotherapist may be essential to help soothe the pain. Otherwise, it is possible to live a healthy and active life without surgery, if you only opt for physiotherapy treatments.

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