What to Do with Most Common Work-Related Injuries

  • February 24, 2018
Work Injuries

Whether you are working at a construction site, selling insurance, or doing a desk job from 9 to 5, work-related injuries could haunt you at least once in a while. Fatigue, stress, bad posture and other peculiar work-related demands may make you suffer a few health consequences. Such injuries are not only common, but have plagued the world due to frequent recurrences as well.

The most common work-related injuries

As many people are doing desk jobs, they feel immune to injuries related to falling objects or health issues commonly suffered by field workers. However, there is a particular kind of injury called ‘repetitive motion injury’ that could affect almost anyone, even people who work at the desk. About 50% of all athletic injuries are caused by repetitive motion and the same is behind workforce

Typing consistently or even having to stare at a screen 24×7 may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, vision problems and strain on the muscles as well. It could even cause stiff neck and bad posture problems. All these may create muscular-skeletal tensions, which could lead to injury in the long run.

The first, and most common kind of injury at workplace, is non-accidental injury. It includes carpal tunnel syndrome, neck strains (causing dizziness, stiffness etc.), leg pain and lower back pain. This kind of injury is caused due to bad posture and sitting in one position for too long. You could experience pain in arms and hands. Eye strain is another common non-accidental injury at the workplace. These injuries are avoidable in the long term if you use ergonomically designed chairs and stroll around after every few minutes.

Vehicular accidents, falling, slipping, or tripping and even falling objects could cause injuries at work. They are known as accidental injuries. Sometimes, violent acts inside the office premises have been noted as legible causes of injury at work. You could also experience injuries because of machine entanglement or due to overexertion. Overall, the nature of your work doesn’t give you immunity from work-related injuries. No matter what your work demands, you could end up hurting yourself.

What to do with work-related injuries?

You can get a compensation for the work-related injuries you have suffered, as per law. You will be compensated for the hospital bills as well as lost wages. If the injury is serious and causes partial or total disability, you could ask for a higher claim, equivalent to the healthcare bills, lost wages for the rest of your active workforce years lost and mental/emotional losses borne by you.

Leaving the compensation part aside, you should look for physiotherapy sessions for your injury. Grave physical accidents demand immediate medical attention and doctoral supervision. However, in cases of stress, strain, tensed muscles and more, you will need to consult a physiotherapist. He will be able to lessen pain, numbness, and discomfort from the muscles.

Often, people who work all day long on their laptops have to face stiffness in the neck, pain in the upper back or lower back and strain around the arms. They may also experience numbness around the shoulders which could interfere with their working. In general, a doctor will recommend muscle relaxants and pain killers for the pain and stiffness. However, he would also recommend physiotherapy.

Do you have similar symptoms?

If you are experiencing similar symptoms, you must visit a physiotherapist directly. He would use advanced technologies like the Ultralign to find restrictions, stress, excess pressure, and strain on your muscles. Once found, he could use machine manipulation or manual manipulation to relieve pressure. This has helped many people get rid of modern work-related injuries and avoid disc herniation, sciatica and other major problems.

Taking pills and using muscle relaxant sprays is not a healthy long-term strategy for muscular stress and pain relief. You must visit a physiotherapist now.

Health Focus has conducted various workshops on ergonomics to assist professionals to avoid work related injuries and cure them when occurred.

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