What to Do When You Have Sports Injury

  • October 29, 2017
Sports Injury

Sports injury can include ankle sprains, knee injury, tennis elbow and hamstring sprain amongst others. It is very difficult to avoid sports injuries. Tendons and ligaments can get sprained while playing, which could lead to problems. Here are a few things you must do as soon as you experience a sports injury.

Don’t keep playing

Some players enthusiastically keep playing even after experiencing a sports injury. They can brush it off as a small incident. Even if the pain subsides after a while, the injury spot becomes vulnerable to more stress. Repetitive injuries have often led many bright sportsmen to give up on their careers. So, make sure that you don’t take any sprain lightly and stop playing immediately.

Use ice packs

Ice packs and sprays are your first respite when dealing with a sports injury. Both help in soothing inflammation and reduce pain. However, ice packs should be used in the first 2 days of the injury and heat packs should be used only after this time. If you use heat packs instantly, bleeding could occur and make matters worse. If the sprain is light, use a compressive bandage to provide warmth to the area and reduce inflammation. This is a temporary method of handling pain. You should rush to the doctor or a physiotherapist to get the injured spot treated as soon as possible.


It is important to exercise to preserve the flexibility of the muscles and avoid further injuries. Often stiffness makes it difficult to move, especially in ankle sprains. You should talk to the physiotherapist to let you exercise lightly and keep your muscles moving. This would also help in avoiding repeated injuries at the same spot.

Talk to a physiotherapist

Traditional physiotherapy is not always very suitable for sports injuries. The player doesn’t just want immediate relief; he also seeks lasting benefits of the therapy. Traditional physiotherapy doesn’t provide all these benefits. Advanced Physiotherapy sessions are more powerful and provide faster healing as well. Before booking an appointment with a physiotherapist, ask if he uses the advanced Ultralign machine. This machine can be used in diagnosing the exact spot of the injury and guides a physiotherapist in healing. Soft tissue massage and other physiotherapies enable you to get faster and lasting relief.

However, it is not necessary that you visit a physiotherapist only after you have suffered an injury. If you visit your physiotherapist regularly, you will be able to avoid injury as well. These professionals are skilled in manual adjustment of the spine. They can massage your back, shoulders, neck, knee, and ankles to avoid sprain. Their special therapy sessions make your muscles more flexible and your joints suppler. Consequently, your muscle tension will be relieved if you get physical therapy at regular intervals. The chances of injury are significantly reduced if you focus on getting regular physiotherapy care.

Many physiotherapist specialize in sports medicine and therapy. Find a good therapist around you that uses the modern Ultralign machine in their clinic. Health Focus has therapists that are experts with years of experience in sports injury. You can walk in for a FREE consultation.

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