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  • May 22, 2017
Ultralign Chiropractic

Sciatica is a pain of the lumber region of the spine. This pain is often sharp and aggravates quickly. Mostly, people suffering from sciatica have to face movement restrictions. Sciatica is the biggest nerve at the end of the spine. It is located near the tailbone and connects the spine with the entire body below the waist. Sciatic nerve pain is therefore, associated with a numbing and tingling sensation in the legs as well. Posture correction becomes essential for people suffering from sciatica. Excess weight around the weight and injuries could also contribute to this sharp pain.

Be proactive with sciatica – Ultralign

If you are suffering from sciatica, you should be quite proactive. Keep hot and cold compresses near you and always carry a pack of painkillers along. This pain can shoot at any time. If the pain starts at a particular time or doing a particular activity, you must be alert and try to avoid any triggers. Apart from following the precautions that your doctor has suggested, you should also visit a physical therapist. With their spine manipulation techniques, physical therapist can easily solve lumber back pain problems associated with sciatica.

This kind of manipulation of the spine is especially useful for people who have been advised surgery by their doctors. Physical therapist use various manual and computer-assisted methods to find the trouble region in your spine. They can use sophisticated technologies like the Ultralign  to analyze your spine, find problem areas and help you alleviate pain. This machine provides quick analysis and targeted pain reduction immediately to help you live a comfortable life.

In most early cases of sciatic pain, a physical therapist can provide immediate and lasting relief. However, it is possible that your doctor refers you for surgery or other procedures. The sciatic nerve is an extremely important but sensitive part of your body. Hence, if the physical therapist also recommends a surgery, you must not delay and get operated.

Thankfully, with new technologies like Ultralign G2, it has become easier to treat patients, even if they have a longer history of sciatic pain. This machine first determines if your vertebra is fluid or rigid. Too much rigidity of the spine could lead to injuries and pain. Ultralign G2 quickly identifies the vertebra that needs the doctor’s attention.

Once the area has been isolated, your physical therapist would use the machine to apply an oscillating force targeting the problem vertebra. Such manipulation leads to more fluidity in the spine. The machine’s soft tips apply gentle pressure on problem areas. Hence, the problem is solved with the least discomfort. Additionally, chances of damage are also avoided with the carefully controlled and highly specialized trigger point action of the machine.

Ultralign  therapy done with the help of Ultralign G2 is the most effective way to get rid of sciatica pain. As the spine comes back to its proper position and the vertebra become more fluid, they stop applying undue pressure on the sciatic nerve. Health Focus Physiotherapy has a successful history of treating patients with Sciatica pain using Ultralign G2. This helps in getting rid of sciatica and provides you a healthy and active lifestyle too.

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