How to Get Rid Of Poor Posture

  • October 22, 2018

Only a short percentage of people give importance to their posture. We do not realize how poor posture could affect our health until we suffer heavy muscle damage. In order to make a significant difference to your spinal health, include all the below-listed activities in your daily routine.

Learn to stand correctly

The most important aspect of correcting our posture is the way we stand and walk. To start with the test, stand against a wall with your back and neck placed firmly on it. Keep track of your weight distribution and balance it smoothly on both the feet if necessary. Afterward, try to walk with the same alignment to check your stance. It will also improve your balance and core muscles. Furthermore, your new standing and walking style will make you look more comfortable and focused.

Fix your workplace

Most of us spend around 6-8 hours on a desk using our system. It puts more pressure on our spine than any other activity we perform. Thus, it is extremely important to fix our workstation. We should adjust the seat according to our height by leveling the seat height with our knees.

Your monitor should not be really close to your eyes. Plus, its placement should be a little lower than the eye level.  A few stretches after regular intervals will help in easing the muscle stiffness.

The right posture while sleeping

The fact that sleeping habits define our posture can help us in permanently fixing muscle pain issues. Majority of us do not feel satisfied after sleeping which can be due to our posture issues. There are many methods in which cushions are used to release muscle tension and improve blood flow for maximum relaxation.

You should sleep on the most comfortable mattress possible, like the one made from memory foam. Try to lie down straight or in any position where your spine doesn’t curve unnaturally. These tips will give you a sound sleep to remove mental and physical tensions from your body.

Exercise more often

Our sedentary lifestyle does not allow us to use our body as it is meant to be. Hence, our limbs and muscles are not able to function properly, and we tend to become more prone to cramps. There are several exercises particularly focused on improving our overall posture. You can perform deep abdominal stretching, shoulder blade squeeze, strength training, yoga, etc.

Overall, a good posture makes your personality stand out while providing immense health benefits in the long run. You can consult a doctor if the pain is chronic and needs immediate treatment. However, in general, just correcting your posture while sitting, standing, and sleeping will help you get rid of most of your problems.

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