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The Ultralign G2 Chiropractic Care utilizes advanced sophisticated technology for gently analyzing the affected area and other tissues to treat the dysfunctional area, and then reanalyze seeing immediate results.

Chiropractic Care


Our chiropractor and chronic pain management specialists care about your health, we provide relief for Chronic Back, Neck and Sciatica pain



We aims to correct imbalances in the body by stimulating and enhancing the body’s own ability to resist or overcome illnesses, pain, and other various conditions.


  • Expert Therapists
  • Posture Screen Analysis
  • Use of Advanced Technology
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Same Day Appointment & Flexible Scheduling
Ultralign Spinal Care Technology


  • Acute injury assessment and treatment
  • Chronic injury management
  • Exercise Prescription with video
  • Manual Therapy
  • Long term Rehabilitation plan


  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Degeneration
  • Sports related injuries
  • Pain that affects the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot, or ankle


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Skilled Therapists


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At HealthFocus, we don’t just live up to the standard, we set the standard in quality care. We want every moment of your experience with us to exceed expectations. For over 12 years, HealthFocus is among the best Advanced Physiotherapy clinics in Gandhinagar. What differentiates HealthFocus from other physiotherapy centers is the use of advanced healthcare technology equipment, coupled with experienced founders Dr. Sunil and Dr. Rinkal and a highly-skilled & supportive team of physiotherapists.

        • The physiotherapy center is well-equipped with Ultralign G2 Advanced Chiropractic Care (First & only across Gujarat) Ultralign care is safer and more effective than surgery.
        • We use Facial Distortion Model for diagnosis and treatment for common musculoskeletal conditions.
        • Spinal Decompression treatment for Bulging Disks, Degenerative Disks, Herninated Disks, Sciatica, Pinched Nerves, Spinal Stenosis
        • Post-operative physiotherapy rehab to restore optimal mobility and improve the overall functionality of the body parts

From physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture, HealthFocus offers comprehensive treatment plans tailored to fit your specific needs. If you‘re suffering from daily aches and pains, need post-operative rehab, struggle with losing your balance, or have a neurological condition, we‘re here when you need us.

Looking for the most advanced forms of care out there?

Come and experience how we set the standard in quality care

“I am replenished with energy after gym with some cardio exercises. I reduced my weight and gained confidence. I am the one who got the new life here.”
Bhakti Jani –  Housewife
“I had a brain stroke and was completely paralyzed on the right side. I was hardly able to move my hand and leg. Within six months Health Focus team got me on my feet and able move my hand as well. I am very thankful to both the doctors.”
Komal Patel –  Housewife
“I had enormous pain in my legs before five years, I was advised for surgery. Health focus team treated me without surgery and since four years I have no complains.”
Mayur Sinh Raloji –  Quality Executive
Health Focus quickly helped me get into shape and feeling great! I tried other inchloss programs in the Ahmedabad, but nothing worked like your!
Pooja Sagar – Housewife
“I am fitting into the clothes at the back of the closet and it feels great.”
Tina – Housewife
“ Dr. Rinkal has taught me that it’s not about dieting, it’s about making the right choices and treating my body with the respect it deserves.“
Sarita – HR Manager
By following Dr. Sunil’s, I got off and stayed off my blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure is now normal and I am thrilled!
Kirit Patel – Project Consultant
“Every thing was perfect in every respect. Not just the treatment received but the way it was carried out”
Devangi Shah – Housewife

“I was seen on the day of my referral and the techniques I was taught have led to a 100% improvement in my back problem.”
Ramesh Patel –  Bank Manager
I think you treat every person as an valued individual and certainly not as a customer. Great attention to detail. Listened to me, and gave me sound care, and advice to strengthen and maintain my knee.
Deepak Patel –  Businessmen
“Dr Sunil and Dr. Rinkal “go the extra mile” to ensure you understand the issues and ensure that your treatment will help you in the long term. Also very pleasant and non-judgemental.”
Amit Kachhawa –  Sr. Director

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