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Professional service

Find out more about our physiotherapy medical professional service and list of services we offer to you.

Health Focus Physiotherapy Services form an integral part of rehabilitation services. Through conversations we get to know you, and together we use our clinical expertise to enable you to achieve your life choices.

Our professional services includes:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Weight Loss and Fitness
  • Slimming

We provide therapy and professional services to people of all ages living with a physical, developmental, sensory or intellectual disability, Weight Loss and Fitness programme and Slimming services in Gandhinagar.


All patients receive the highest quality one-to-one attention with accurate, realistic and lasting solution to their problems. We can guarantee the quality of our treatment because we are experts in managing injuries with a wealth of clinical experience. This means we treat patients more effectively by saving time and cost for them. We professionally manage those “hard to handle” injuries through a thorough, complete and functionality based assessment. We provide physiotherapy services at our clinic, in hospitals and on call. Our Physiotherapy Services offer a range of specialities that can adapt to your needs. In many cases our services can be delivered where you are most comfortable, this can be at your home, your school, your workplace, a recreation centre or park.

Weight loss

Achieving the goals you want from your weight loss program requires more than diet fads and occasional exercise. It takes an all-around commitment to nutritional education and lifestyle changes. Only then will you see a new and improved you – healthier than ever! Health Focus offers a comprehensive guide for all your weight loss questions. You’ll have everything you need with our weight loss program. Since 2013 we have provided patients with a number of tools & services to put them on the right path to success.

  • Professional Weight Experts
  • Lose weight quickly and successfully
  • No side effects
  • Close supervision of weight loss progress
  • Personal Guidance


Get The Perfect Shape You Always Wanted From Health Focus Advanced Slimming Treatments.

In today’s life, so much busy schedule, it is not always as easy as you might like to keep it to that healthy eating and exercise regime. However, you still want to tone up, look good and feel great while out. At Health Focus Physiotherapy, we appreciate the need to be able to achieve all this with the minimum level of fuss and are delighted to offer you a number of proven and effective treatments which really do work for weight loss, inch loss or toning & complete body shaping!

  • 100% Safe
  • No Side effects
  • No crash diets
  • No artificial food supplements

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