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HEALTH FOCUS creates an environment through its tenets of Treat, Train, and Teach, to maximize recovery, and minimize pain and limitation to activity by its fully integrated approach to dealing with patients. To achieve this, we have a vast array of clinicians and a dedicated support team to help patients reach their goals.


snap0474Health Focus Physiotherapy

All patients receive the highest quality one-to-one attention with accurate, realistic and lasting solution to their problems. We can guarantee the quality of our treatment because we are experts in managing injuries with a wealth of clinical experience. This means we treat patients more effectively by saving time and cost for them. We professionally manage those “hard to handle” injuries through a thorough, complete and functionality based assessment. We provide physiotherapy services at our clinic, in hospitals and on call.

Our expertise:

  • Acute injury assessment and treatment
  • Chronic injury management
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Manual Therapy
  • Rehabilitation plan

snap0483We provide high quality, effective treatment therapies at affordable prices for various ailments at the comfort of your home. We have a proven track record, robust medical knowledge and have a high degree of patient empathy and professionalism. We work on developing a health or rehabilitation plan with you to allow you to get back to the things you enjoy. We have modern equipment such as Real Time class III Cold Laser Therapy ,Ultrasound ,Shortwave treatment, Interferential therapy and Manual Treatment to provide you with the Best opportunity to return to sport, work or just to get on with living.

We have reputation for successfully treating patients using following services:

  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy
  • Gynaecological Physiotherapy
  • Geriatric Physiotherapy
  • Post-Operative Physiotherapy
  • Arthritis Management
  • Posture Correction
  • Pain Management
  • Sports Injury Management

snap0400We have the most advanced technology in Pain Management for Orthopaedic Conditions, Sports Injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other Joint & Soft Tissue Pathologies. It’s the therapeutic LASER with 15 diodes probe and a single probe which delivers Red and Invisible LASER doing wonders with inflammation, swelling and pain.

It is one of the finest modalities to treat most difficult pain & swelling. It is very effective for pain relief in the arthritic joints like Knee pain, Shoulder pain, back pain, Heel pain, Pinched Nerves, Ligament Sprains, Muscle Strains, etc. LASER also helps in Rehabilitation after Nerve injuries. It accelerates the recovery of injured nerves.

It has two major effects:

  • It speeds up the Slow Healing
  • It initiates the Blocked Healing

snap0244If you are looking to lose weight, choose your weight management service with care. Many commercial weight loss programs offer safe weight management and lifestyle suggestions to their clients. Others may rely on unproven or unhealthy methods of weight control. You have decided you want to lose weight. What are the next steps for successful weight loss? If you are like most of us, you have questions about the most effective way for you to lose weight. Health Focus has options for your specific weight loss needs. Our educators are here to help you choose the best way to deal with those unwanted, unhealthy extra kilos. You will be able to attain your achieved goals, whether losing weight, bulking up or getting more muscle, whatever it may be, and our workout regimes! Your weight loss journey doesn’t stop when the number on the scale drops. We have the resources you need to sustain your success. We offer wide range of services to assist you in your weight loss journey:

  • Medical weight loss programs
  • Nutritional and fitness-based weight loss programs
  • Weight loss programs for children
  • Health and Fitness Centers services

snap0380Health focus slimming is one amongst the best and fastest growing slimming clinics, started its services in the year 2011 Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Our Slimming centre employs professional nutritionists and registered medical doctors to monitor all customers’ slimming progress seriously and closely. We help women in need to achieve ideal body shapes and there have been lots of successful cases. Our Centre continue to introduce the most updated and advanced technology and equipment for providing the best slimming services to our customers. We also equip our slimming consultants with the most updated training courses for them to obtain new and timely market knowledge.

We combine Low Level Light technology with Whole Body Vibration to deliver results in about half the time of diet and exercise alone. There is No Surgery, No Pain, No Bruising, No Recovery Time, and No Negative Side Effects.

Our services consists of most advanced

  • Lipo-Laser Therapy
  • Lipo-sonix Therapy (Fat burning)
  • Radio Frequency Therapy (Whitening and Tightening of the skin)
  • Vacuum RF Therapy (Toning)
  • Electronic body Massage (Cellulites Reduction)

our skills

Physical Therapy

Medical Massage




img-20160909-wa0021This is a therapy, which does wonders for chronic localized pain, like Heel pain, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Trigger points etc. We have a system which can deliver drug through electrodes attached to the painful spot & gives tremendous relief from pain. The advantage is it’s Non-Invasive and has only localized effect without any side effects.

Combo Therapy

snap0468We have another advanced Electrotherapeutic technology which can deliver two different type of currents from a single probe and gives amazing relief in pain & swelling associated with Orthopedic Conditions. On this machine Ultrasound & Interferential Current can be given at same time as it has different modalities. Hence it can save patient’s time by minimizing the treatment duration. It is also equipped with other advanced 0Electrotherapeutics like Micro Currents, Russian Currents & Didynamic Currents.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy

img-20160909-wa0025This is a Compression System which works wonders for managing vascular disorders like Lymph edema, Varicose Veins, Idiopathic Lower Limb and Upper Limb Aches. It has different pressure modes which helps in reducing the dull pain & swelling associated with vascular disorders. It uses compressible air pockets which inflates creating compression over the limbs. It improves the blood circulation & stimulates the Lymphatic drainage as well. It is very effective in reducing swelling seen in Post Cancer Surgeries.

Short Wave Diathermy

img-20160909-wa0019The concept of Short Wave Diathermy has a localized & deep penetration giving immediate relief in tender & trigger points and larger area of pain as well. It is advancement in ELECTRO THERAPY.

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